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 MUP is a measure which increases the price of the cheapest, strongest alcohol

MUP is a measure which increases the price of the cheapest, strongest alcohol


Calls for MUP in England as Scottish alcohol sales fall to 25 year low

Balance has called on the Government to introduce Minimum Unit Pricing (MUP) for alcohol in England as new figures out today show the volume of alcohol sold per adult in Scotland has fallen to its lowest level since 1994.

Figures published today (Wednesday 19 June) from NHS Health Scotland shows there has been a 3% fall in alcohol sales per adult in Scotland in 2018 from the previous year. This is in contrast to England, where consumption has increased by 2%. Scotland introduced MUP in May 2018.

The volume of alcohol sold per adult in Scotland, compared to England and Wales, represented the smallest gap between the countries since 2002.

Colin Shevills, Director of Balance, said: “These figures are very encouraging and appear to show minimum unit pricing having a real impact in Scotland. They will be very hard for the UK Government to ignore. MUP also appears to have especially affected off-sales from shops while the trend in on-sales from pubs remains largely unchanged

“It is clear that while drinking rates are still higher in Scotland, the gap has narrowed. While it is not a magic bullet, MUP appears to be an effective and cost-effective way to tackle the cheap, high strength alcohol that causes so much harm to so many families.

“Cheap strong alcohol continues to wreak immense damage on communities in the North East. We see nearly 72,000 people admitted to hospital every year in our region from alcohol with a cost of over £1bn picked up by the NHS, police, other public services and the wider economy. Drinking is also the biggest risk factor for premature death among 15-49 year olds.”

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