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Soaring numbers drinking more

Balance has responded to alarming new figures out today (Tues 15 Sept) which suggest soaring numbers of people in England are drinking more during the pandemic.

The Royal College of Psychiatrists’ new analysis of Public Health England’s latest data on the indirect effects of Covid-19 found that over 8.4 million people are now drinking at higher risk, up from just 4.8 million in February.

The college warns that addiction services in England are not equipped to treat the soaring numbers of people drinking at high risk during the pandemic and must receive a multi-million-pound funding boost in the upcoming spending review. It comes as individuals and organisations this week highlighted the harms of alcohol in the separate Harms Commission report and called on the Government for a new alcohol strategy.

A major survey in the North East published in April found more than one quarter of North East drinkers (26%) were drinking more since lockdown. And while one in three (37%) had cut down or stopped, it was the heaviest drinkers who were drinking more, risking their health

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