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A mother and son washing up

A mother and son


Parents 2 x more likely than non-parents to drink more since Covid

Alcohol may be taking its toll on North East families during the pandemic as new figures show parents are twice as likely as non-parents to be drinking more heavily since it began.

Balance has published the results of a survey of over 900 people during national Children of Alcoholics Week #COAWeek2021. It comes as the NSPCC also release figures this week showing that concerns about alcohol and drugs misuse have soared since the start of the pandemic.

While health campaigners and charities have warned that many drinkers are drinking more since Covid began, especially those who were already drinking heavily, the independent survey by Balance is one of the first in depth studies to point to a worrying trend among people with children under 18 living at home.

Among those who drink alcohol, it found parents are around twice as likely (38%) as non-parents (18%) to be drinking more often since before the pandemic .

Parents (31%) were also more likely to be drinking more units on a typical drinking day, compared to non-parents (17%).

Among those who drink alcohol, it also found:
• Nearly half of parents (48%) are increasing or higher risk drinkers compared to 37% of non-parents.
• Parents are more likely to admit to binge drinking - with 44% binge drinking monthly or more often compared to around 33% of non-parents. One in 20 parents (4%) say they are binge drinking on a daily or almost daily basis.
• Parents are more likely to be concerned about their drinking (14%) than non-parents (9%). However, 85% are still not very concerned about their drinking or not concerned at all.

Read more about the survey results here.