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Balance warns of 4th July alcohol impact on emergency services

Balance is today warning about the potential impact of alcohol on emergency services as pubs prepare to re-open from this weekend.

Following scenes of alcohol-related violence last week and some pubs now declining to open on July 4 in the interests of public safety, Balance, the North East Alcohol office, police and campaigning charity One Punch North East have appealed for calm before any alcohol-related storm.

Balance says the existing problem of alcohol tying up so much time and resources of emergency crews cannot be allowed to continue in the “new normal.” Research highlights the shocking impact of alcohol on emergency teams during non-COVID times, with alcohol taking up to half the time of front line emergency services staff (1), and with an annual cost of around £209m to the NHS and £331m in crime in the North East alone. (2)

It comes as health leaders across the North East and North Cumbria appeal to the public to do their bit to protect the NHS.

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