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New study shows poor are more at risk of alcohol-related violence

Balance and Police and Crime Commissioners have expressed concern at a major new report showing people in the poorest areas are more at risk of alcohol-related violence.

Balance says the report – by the Institute of Alcohol Studies – is “worrying for the region” and ties in with a separate survey showing most people in the North East link alcohol with violence and crime.

Figures for the North East already show the region experiences as many as 125,000 alcohol-related crimes a year, including 26,000 thefts or robberies, 74,000 incidents of criminal damage and nearly 25,000 violent incidents .

The new IAS report, ‘Inequalities in victimisation: alcohol, violence, and anti-social behaviour’ looked at several types of alcohol-related violence. It found that for domestic violence, the most deprived groups experience 14 times as many alcohol-related incidents every year, compared with the least deprived. This has taken on new urgency in recent weeks, as reports of domestic violence incidents have risen dramatically under the Covid-19 restrictions. The IAS report also revealed most deprived groups were seven times more likely to experience alcohol-related violence from someone they know and were most likely to be on the receiving end of ‘high frequency’ alcohol-related anti-social behaviour in the last year. Of those who experienced alcohol-related anti-social behaviour in the lowest socioeconomic groups, as many as half were victims of this on a weekly basis.

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