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Joanne Good

Mum Joanne Good is backing Balance's campaign


Mum backs calls to raise tax on cheap white cider

North Tyneside mum Joanne Good lost her daughter Megan Craig-Wilkinson on January 1st 2014. Megan passed away after drinking super-strength white cider at a friend’s New Year’s Eve party. She's now backing our calls to increase duty on strong white ciders.

Joanne, from Dudley and also mum to Aidan, 16, Amelia, 10, and Hannah, nine, is sharing Megan’s story to raise awareness of the dangers of high-strength, low-cost white cider.

Joanne, who is now 38, said: “Megan was my eldest daughter. She was 16 at the time we lost her and would have been 19 now. She wasn’t a typical teenager; she knew her own mind and had a strong sense of morals. I trusted her and I never worried that she would do something stupid.

“Megan had a small group of friends and was very loyal towards them but she was a bit of a home-bird really. She’d often stay in with us and we’d watch TV as a family, or she’d be in the kitchen watching her step-father Michael cooking, while chatting away to us. She loved singing and her favourite subject at school was history, she wanted to be a history teacher when she left school.

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