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Alcohol can cause cancer

Alcohol can cause cancer


NE drinkers increasing their risks of an alcohol related cancer

Cancers related to alcohol are on the rise in the North East – with an estimated 3,120 incidences of alcohol-related cancer recorded from 2015-17 (see local breakdown below).

The latest figures are highlighted as Balance launches the #7Cancers campaign in the North East to encourage people to stick to the “low risk” limits to reduce their risk of cancer.

The Chief Medical Officer’s advice is for both men and women to drink no more than 14 units a week to stay “low risk”. However, research by Balance suggests over a quarter of North East adults (around 550,000 people) drink above that limit and 9/10 of these think they’re “moderate” or “low risk” drinkers.

Balance will be out and about across the region in November in hospitals, supermarkets and shopping centres to help people understand alcohol units. The campaign website also includes a quiz where people can find out how their weekly units can mount up and find free tips and tools to cut down.

Alcohol causes at least seven types of cancer and around 11,900 cases of cancer in the UK every year, including up to 3,600 mouth and throat cancers, around 4,400 breast cancers and around 2,500 bowel cancers .

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