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14 units

Balance encourages people to stay within 14 unit weekly guideline


Donít turn to drink during crisis, warns Balance

Balance is warning of the potential health risks of people using alcohol as a prop during the current crisis.

We are encouraging people to stay within the Chief Medical Officer’s low risk drinking limits of no more than 14 units a week to protect both their physical and mental health. Fourteen units means around six pints of regular strength beer or lager, six standard glasses of wine or seven double measures of spirits.

Balance is especially worried about reports that people are stocking up on alcohol to see them through a difficult period.

Regularly drinking above the CMOs guidelines increases the risk of a whole range of conditions, including heart disease, stroke and seven types of cancer. Heavy drinking can also increase the risk of respiratory disease.

Perhaps more worrying during such stressful times is alcohol’s link to mental health problems. According to the Royal College of Psychiatrists, regularly drinking alcohol affects the chemistry of the brain and can increase the risk of depression. Increased consumption can lead to feelings of low mood and anxiety.

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